Family Field Trip

We had a family field trip day last Thursday. We went to Fort Santiago in Manila. This is our first time to go there as a family. It was my kids’ first time. We went with my sister.

I know my son was too small yet to really understand why Fort Santiago was a special place, but I am glad he enjoyed the trip…

and my daughter liked the trip too. It was an exposure trip for her and she finally was able to visualize Jose Rizal and Spanish time.

Being together and visiting a place together as a family made the day bright and exciting! I can’t wait until our next field trip together!


  1. Mrs. M @ TLC says

    Field trip is always fun and educational especially for homeschooling families like us, Chris. We do it as often as we can. I hope we can someday visit Fort Santiago.

    Happy midweek to your family.

  2. Yup, field trip is fun! looks like you had fun too.

    we also had our own field trip for little zoie… we've been to the zoo last sunday, see some pics here

  3. What a great idea! Sometimes I run out of ideas when thinking of things to do with the earthlings other than going to the mall.

  4. MinnieRunner says

    I cannot remember when was the last time I visited Fort Santiago. Maybe around 10 years ago?

  5. Mom-Friday says

    It's been sooo long since I went to Fort Santiago, hopefully I can also bring my family there…an Intramuros tour would be great too!

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