Kyla’s Favorite Tool

This is my daughter’s favorite. She always carries one wherever she goes. At home, she always uses it either for studying or drawing.

I think the size of the pencil shows how much she has used this one! 🙂


  1. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says

    she's an artist by heart…

  2. Mom-Friday says

    That's so cute! I'll show this to my boy so I can also save more on pencils! heehee 🙂

  3. Natawa naman ako dito te Chris, hehe! I remember tuloy nung HS ako, may ganyan din akong pencil. Mas comfortable din ako sa maliit na pencil noon eh, hehe!

  4. Buti nahahawakan pa nya ung pencil sobrang liit 🙂

  5. haha..she is so much like my daughter. she also doesn't to toss out her old pencils, no matter how short they already are…

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