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Happy Friday everyone! Our theme for today is toys and/or gadgets! The favorite gadgets of my daughter Kyla recently are as follows…

vtech book

note: the cellphone on the left is a broken cellphone of my mom that is now a toy
My son loves toys… he doesn’t really play with gadgets yet.. so I am posting photos of him with his toys.
How about your kids? What are their favorite?
By the way, if you have any suggestions for our weekly themes, don’t hesitate to let me know.


  1. fave din ni yena ang mga blocks!! 🙂

    but her most favorite tlga is her laplap hihihi

    may cp na si kyla marce??

  2. Wow!How envious!Buti pa si Kyla may cp,ako I don't own one for 8 years na lol!Love the photos!

  3. That's a nice vtech book! Where'd you get that? Blocks are also one of my son's favorite toys. He forms them into trains most of the time.

  4. ♥peachkins♥ says

    Naku, si ykaie din mahilig paglaruan yung cp ko pero di ko hinahayaan at nakakatawag sa mga contacts ko..

  5. I gave Ki a cp before so she can contact us when she's at her grandparents house kaya lang hindi pa marunong maingat…so it's more of her grandparents cp than hers. My boy also loves blocks.

  6. Sali ulit ako…wow!si little boy good for him ayaw pa gadgets!

  7. awwww…ang bongga naman ni kyla…may cp pa ha…ehehehe…I would love to get a vtech for Akesha….:)

  8. swerte tlga mga bata hsnu, hop they will treasure the things we're giving to them

  9. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Wow, buti pasi kyla may sariling CP, and you son is really good in building those lego.

  10. vtech toys are quite expensive, 'gang window shop lang kami sa toykingdom nyan. Oo nga ano, may cp na si Kyla. 🙂

  11. wow nice! vtech book, baby ko mahilig din sa cp, buti si kyla may cp na, she's very lucky! iba na talaga ang mga kids ngayon noh? mga hi-tech na ang mga toys hihihi…mahilig din baby ko sa blocks just like your son:-)

  12. si rj din may cellphone. pero ngayon gusto nya daw ng bago yung may camera. grabe mga bata ngayon. ako noong nagkacellphone e may trabaho na ako.

    vtech and building blocks are very good toys.

  13. si sam din mahilig sa blocks at sa cellphones. she always piles the blocks flat on the floor and hops on them.

  14. Bambie ★ says

    blocks are good for the brain kaya meron din si Anzu nyan. So glad i joined this week kahit super late =)

  15. we love blocks! develops creativity! happy MM!

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