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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are your family are all doing well. There are too many people sick out there. Anyway, our theme for this week is Movie and Kids. It can be about their favorite movie or you can share about the time when your kids first watch a movie at the movie theater! Well, my kids watched their first movie during December last year. We watched Panday together. I was glad that they both had a great time.

Of course, mommy wanted some photo souvenirs of the first time they watched a movie.. so here are some shots from the movie theater! 🙂

The second movie that we watched together was Toy Story 3. They enjoyed it and so did I! 🙂
We don’t go out to watch movies too often because it can get costly already. So, we scheduled Friday nights as movie nights. We watch movies together using the computer or DVD. The kids look forward to this weekend routinie 🙂
Going to the movies together pr watching movies together at home as a whole family is one great bonding activity too. We get to discuss the movie afterwards… and share opinions too. How about you? Do you have any movie stories you would like to share? Join us!


  1. si yenggay di pa nkkpasok sa sinehan 😀 puro dvd pa lang sa laplap nya hihih

    my entry is up marce! 🙂 its here

  2. Bihira din kami manood ng movie sa sine, ang mahal kasi. Di ko sila napipitruan kapag nanonood silang movies, gaa ng spontaneous baga, kaya puro lang kami sa computer, or dvd, or yun nga downloaded, hehehe..

  3. mejo recycled entry ko… napadaan lang pagod sa badminton… happy MM everyone…

    mine is here:

  4. So happy I get to participate again in Mommy Moments. I also love today's theme. You watched Panday on December? Filmfest, daming tao 'yan.

    Watched Toy Story 3 too and loved the movie to bits. Happy weekend!

  5. Mommy Chris, bawal camera inside the cinema, hehe! My son's first movie experience was not a success, but he was able to finish the entire Toy Story 3 movie when we watched it last time.

  6. seryoso tong dalawa…ehehehe! nako kami din bihira nadin kaming nag momovie…ang mahal kasi…:)

  7. serious manood ang mga bagets o. 🙂

  8. Bambie ★ says

    buti enjoy ang kanilang first time =) parang behaved sila hihi.. SO right, ang mahal na ng mga cinema tickets ngayon.. lalo na dito, x10 ng presyo dyan =(

    Happy weekend

  9. awww buti nakakuha ka ng shot inside.. i wanna do that kaso baka mapagalitan ako hehe

  10. Mel Cole of PA, USA says

    Ang cute nang dalawang kids mo. Enjoy nila ang movie. Ako din, enjoy ako sa Toy story 3. Si George naman, tulog nang tulog. lol. Anyways, join ako MM this week.

  11. naku alam mo ba I was contemplating on calling you to meet you in Nuvali.. kaso naman we were there past noon na and I have to be home before 6.. sayang.. kung napaaga sana kame 🙁

  12. hi marce! sorry i am late again for MM this week. kyla and toby are so behaved at the movies. si sam, never been to the cinemas yet but i am sure she will also enjoy it.

  13. very attentive mga kids mo. just like rj when watching movie, so focused.

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