My Thoughts On Blogging

For the past days, I have received several emails from students asking me how I started blogging and what I get from blogging. Well, I still remember when I started out in October 2008. I didn’t know much, I just visited one blog to the other. I was inspired to start my own blog after reading several mommy blogs. I wanted to share what my motherhood experiences were and I wanted to get to know other mommies online too. What started out as a simple diary became a network of moms.

Mommy Moments has certainly allowed me to come to know more moms out there who share the same experiences with me and I also developed online friendships. I also was able to test out different promotional products too. I also get to post reviews and earn a little from my posts.
Blogging has been helpful to me in quite a lot of ways and I am grateful to God that He gave me such an opportunity.


  1. Mom-Friday says

    You’re doing great Chris! I think most mom bloggers have very similar reasons and motivations and it’s good to know moms can be united through shared experiences.

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  3. Yay! It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to sustain your blogging since then, others don’t last very long. They start a blog and then drop off after a few weeks. 🙂

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