Nostalgia : My Baby Brother

My brother is celebrating his birthday today! I can’t believe he is 26 years old this year. It seems only yesterday when we would play together….

with brother
Where have all the years gone? Anyway, do know that you can always count on me.
Happy birthday brother! I love you always!


  1. chubskulit says

    Happy birthday to your bro Chris. may he always have happiness in his heart.

  2. Luna Miranda says

    happy birthday to your dearest brother. here's wishing both of you all the best!

  3. awww… you seem so close to your bro talaga sis …. wishing you both more blessings!

    My NOSTALGIA here

  4. Mel Cole of PA, USA says

    Belated Happy Birthday to your Bro, Chris. Parehas kayo nang mata. God Bless to you all. Sorry ngayon pa lang ako naka-pag-nostalgia ha. Sleep deprived ako lately.

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