Peace on Turbulent Times

With the recent hostage taking in Manila, it has brought out so many issues in security and safety. How safe are we in our own country? Can we travel around the country and not need to worry about our safety? If you really think about it, you wouldn’t feel safe at all.

For example, when riding on public transport, there is always fear that someone might snatch your things or when walking, there is always a fear that someone might be following you. When inside your shop, you can’t help but install security cameras and convex mirror to see every area of your store so you can protect yourself from shoplifters.

One can easily get paranoid but we must remember, that in everything that happens, there is a God who knows what will happen and that God is Sovereign. I speak for myself. I know that there are uncontrollable events that happen to us, but I know that whatever event happens, God is there and He knows what I can or can’t handle. I trust in Him and that gives me peace in turbulent times.

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