Alphabet Ready!

I am so glad that Toby finally recognizes all the letters in the alphabet. We have been reading the letters every day and I was glad that he had a desire to learn too! I used to be scared to teach Toby because his interests are quite different from my daughter. But teaching him has been fun! We used his toys and other hands on materials to make learning enjoyable for him.

I am so proud of you Toby!


  1. congratulations Toby! you've made a one proud mama! 🙂

  2. NICE! Ethan recognize them already big and small and the sounds kakatuwa si bulol ko khit bulol yun hhaha =)) nweis NICE TOBBY! Galing ni Mommy!

  3. It's fun and fulfilling to see our kids learn something new each day. Congratulations, Toby!

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