Art Day – Fruits

Using Play-doh, I asked my kids to make fruits and vegetables.. and this is what they made!


  1. What creative and imaginative kids you have, Chris! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Agree… Excellent skills on art work at very young age.

  3. That is really creative!! Good job, kids!

  4. Ang galing! It so cute. May skill sila, lalo na yung gumawa ng carrot. 🙂 So nice that you can cultivate their creativity.

  5. *MrsMartinez* says

    Galing ah talo pa ako! haha

  6. Seasons and seasonings says

    Oh those are really cool art! WTG kids!

  7. Very cute! I love play-doh! Have you ever made it with your kids? It's pretty easy to make.

  8. Very creative ha 🙂

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