Gaining Weight After Being Hospitalized

After my confinement in the hospital last month, a lot of people have been telling me that I have gained weight! They say that I didn’t look like I got sick at all. Well, I guess I would attribute that to the fact that I have been eating more and doing less house chores. I employed a stay out helper for 1 month to help me wash the clothes and clean the house so it means less moving around for me. I wanted to fully recover from dengue and spend my time caring for the kids and focusing on our homeschooling than doing the chores.

But since last week, our stay out helper has been sick too so I am back to doing the chores at home. Of course, that shouldn’t mean that I don’t need to exercise anymore, right? So I am looking for fat burn exercises. Maybe while the kids are playing in the late afternoon, I can do some fitness programs!


  1. natural tendency ata un e. i had the same experience 😀
    Go go go to us homemakers!


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