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Hello everyone! We just celebrated Grandparents Day last Sunday… so today at Mommy Moments, you may share about the grandparents of your kids… photos, stories, poems that your kids share with them!

Here are my kids with my dad and mom. This was taken just this August. The kids don’t get to spend too much time with them since my parents live in Manila and we in Sta Rosa. We don’t go home to Manila often since there is a building under construction very near my parent’s house and they don’t want us staying there… so we usually meet at restaurants in the Metro, at least once a month to catch up.

These are my kids with their cousin and their grandparents on my hubby’s side. We get to see them more often since they live closer to us. They reside in Binan and my hubby’s mom attends the same church we go to. This photo is taken in May.

I am glad that my kids still have complete set of grandparents. I pray that they would grow up having them around.
Share your stories with us this week at Mommy Moments!


  1. Happy Grand Parents Day! 🙂

  2. Enjoying your Mommy Moments ^____^
    Here's my link 🙂

  3. Your kids are really lucky that they saw both their grandparents on both you and your husband's side of the family. My son only has a set of grandparents, my Nanay and Tatay, but he's lucky because he is well-loved by both.

  4. Buti pa mga anak mo Chris complet pa ang Granparents nila. It's nice to have a complete set of Lolas and Lolos lalo pa very loving sila..

  5. wow! so lucky naman talaga nang mga anak mo mamiChris…complete kasi ang boung angkan.

  6. Happy Grandparents Day!!

  7. happy grandparents day!! your kids are lucky to have a very loving grandparents to both side while my kids only have grandparents on their dad's side.

  8. Wow nice one yan ang dream ng mga kids ko to have grandparents around them.

  9. oh now I can see where your kids got their traits from 😀

    my MM this week

  10. i couldn't agree more sa mga comments. lucky apos.

  11. Our kids are blessed to have a loving and caring grandparents. Happy weekend =)

  12. Mel Cole of PA, USA says

    They are both lucky indeed. Now I know, yung panganay mo, mana ang mata nya sa side mo at yung youngest mo, mata mata nya sa side nang asawa mo. 🙂 Cute!

    My MM Entry Chris is at my Heart'c content of a Mama site.

  13. bonz @ little zoie says

    Happy Grandparents Day!

  14. your kids are definitely lucky to have complete sets of grandparents. Teach them to enjoy every moment with them.

    My dad passed away in 2008, Leon was barely a year old and he was based in Zamboanga, they didn't have a good time together 🙁

  15. Bambie dear ★ says

    Yey, it's been awhile Mommy Chris.. Im happy dahil nakasali ako for this week although late lang..

    Thanks for sharing. Happy grandparents day to your parents and parents' in Law 🙂

  16. so lucky kiddos to still have both sets of their grandparents! =)

  17. hi marce.. ayan, nakahabol pa. pasencya na at super late! have a nice weekend!

  18. There you are! I was actually looking for this post…dami na posts after nito hahahah =)) nice buti p kayu na celebrate nyo =) kme parang never pa ata =P Nweis glad I visited your site again! =) Happy grannies day!

  19. It's been a while since the last time I joined here.Ang dami ko ng napalagpas but not this time although I'm a bit late.
    Your kids are so blessed seeing their grand parents on your both sides.
    Happy Grand Parents day to all grannies including me?! hehe

  20. your kids really are lucky to still have a complete set of grandparents. i was not as lucky as they are. my own kids may have experienced it but only for a very short time as my dad died a few years back..

  21. ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ says

    That was so good that your kids were so closed with their grandparents. I can't wait for my son to meet my parents soon!


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