My ParenTIN.TV Talk Series 3 Experience

Last Saturday, I attended the ParenTIN.TV Talk Series 3 event. It was held in St Luke Medical Center at The Fort in Taguig. There were so many people who attended the event!
So I was so glad to meet fellow mommy bloggers I’ve met thru Mommy Moments at the said event.

There were so many speakers and the topics revolved around investing for the future of our kids. It started with topics like how we can invest in their well being by investing on cordbanking, breastfeeding and healthy eating. There were financial talks by PSBank and PruLife. There were also talks about parenting relationships which focuses on how to communicate with your kids especially about sex and the other topic was biblical parenting.
Hubby was blessed to be the invited speaker for biblical parenting.

Another blessing was when Toby was picked as one of the winners during the Nikon Appliances raffle draw. We won a single burner gas stove and rechargeable flashlight!

Attending ParenTIN.TV events always reminds me that I can be a better parent to my kids, in all aspects. It is never too late to learn and start to be a better parent.


  1. I was invited through email pero anlayo ng manila, anyway this is great if they have a topic about how to communicate with kids regarding with sex and stuff, geez I remember last week Mj asked me about why is the sperm cell get inside the body of a female while the sperm cell is for male, bigla akong natahimik wahhhh btw mommy may award ako sa yo and its here alam ko busy ka, just take your time…

  2. Finally, nag-meet din tayo. 🙂 Congrats pala mare sa raffle. hope to see you again. 🙂

  3. It was great seeing you again, Chris, at the event. Next time ulit, ha! Congrats to Toby for winning Nikon appliances, too! He's lucky!

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