Nostalgia : Kalesa


When I was a kid, we used to ride the kalesa when we were going to school. Our school is about 15 minutes away from our house. I remember the fare was less than 10 pesos…

Happy Thursday!
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  1. I remember those days. We used to even pick up mahjongers in a kalesa…Christine

  2. Mel Cole of PA, USA says

    Natawa naman ako sa post mo Chris. I remember riding a kalesa, for the sake of riding lang. Mabaho ang kabayo. 🙂 Relaxing naman pakinggan ang footsteps nang kabayo.

  3. Hahaha mabaho pala lol. My first time riding in kalesa was when we were in Korea.. Kala ko pangtouristlang ang kalesa, form of daily transportation din pala yan.

  4. We're thinking of the same thing lately, hehe…I just did a post on Calesa too!

  5. Hi Chris, hay sa Cebu lang ako nakasakay ng Kalesa … png tourist lang hehehe…

    my nostalgia is at On This Side of Town

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