This Mommy Blogger’s Journey

This is my official entry for Red’s 1st Blogversary Contest. For the past 2 years, my life has been enriched by blogging in many ways. I have gained technical knowledge, earned a few dollars and traveled all over the world through different blogs.

This mommy blogger’s most memorable experience is being able to know many moms through the Mommy Moments weekly meme. The reason why I created the Mommy Moments meme is because I wanted to share my own experiences as a mom to other moms like me to encourage others and exchange ideas. I wasn’t sure if any one would be participating… but since it began in 2009, I am so blessed to have at least 20 moms weekly who joins and they have become my online friends. Some of them, I have met already personally and I even became godmothers to some of their daughters.


  1. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says

    Good luck!!!

  2. goodluck!!! =)

  3. Nice post, Chris!

  4. Nice!!!

    God bless po.

  5. Glad to have met you personally! Good luck and God bless!!

  6. hi chris,

    nice post and so true. you did not mention that you also serve as inspiration to start out bloggers like me (which you are, by the way).

    keep up the good work! and i'll be following…

  7. redamethyst says

    mommy moments is really a good idea.
    thanks for joining and goodluck

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