Undecided… Spelling Curriculum

I have been looking around for a spelling curriculum for my daughter… and I am torn between All About Spelling and Building Spelling Skills.

For All About Spelling, I have heard lots of good reviews and it is multi-sensory and a bit more pricey. As for Building Spelling Skills, it is cheaper and is not multi-sensory in its approach.
Can anyone give their insights about these spelling curriculum? I am also after which curriculum can I use for both my kids…
I need to decide soon. Help.


  1. iļ»æ love both versions, the second shows a lot of growth somehow. this song is so rad and really meaningful.thanks for shearing..

  2. I think I need one of that too for Sunday. She needs help sa Spelling e. Thanks for sharing, Chris! šŸ™‚

  3. http://library.readingteachersnetwork.org/taxonomy/term/44

    Hi Mommy Chris, here are two sites re spelling class (multi sensory). I guess your decision will greatly depend on the character of your children if they will adhere better to multi sensory or to building spelling. Good luck on your decision šŸ™‚

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