Mommy Moments – Blowing Bubbles

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Blowing Bubbles is a favorite fun activity of the kids. Share some bubbles with us this week!

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  1. chubskulit says

    Wow bubbles in action, enjoy na enjoy tong tsikiting mo Mommy Chris!

  2. Like your kids, my son loves blowing bubbles, too, although we don't let him to do that often because we don't have much space in our condo unit. We only allow him to blow bubbles in our bathroom.

  3. nice when toby's inside the giant bubble 😀

    Bubble Time!

  4. ay ang cute nmn ni toby..d p nararansan ng ankis ko yan…gusto ko ng bubble show!!!! 😉

    here's mine sis –

  5. Yup every kid enjoys playing with bubbles! I remember me making rounds on our neighborhood to get some gumamela flower and making a bubble maker stick out of walis tingting. ahaha! those were the days… =D

  6. it's really fun playing with bubbles kaya enjoy na enjoy kids mo, Chris. favorite din ni RJ yan.

  7. Love blowing bubbles!!Parang bumabalik ang childhood memories ko^_^

  8. how nice! i love the photos, they're really enjoying the bubbles..

  9. Bubbles day, they had a blast my youngest is only expert on catching those. LOL

  10. wow! bibong bibo tong dalawa!

  11. glad to have found some pictures to add to our theme! 🙂

  12. hi, i missed this, so sorry, have errand to do….nxt week i'll join:)))

  13. blowing bubbles is always fun

  14. Anong ginagawa ni Toby sa last picture, nakatayo siya sa gitna ng enflatable na may bubbles sa gilid? mga bata talaga mahilig sa bubbles noh??

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