Our Homeschool Update

I can’t believe it but we are almost done with our 2nd quarter lessons. We are doing projects and finishing up our portfolio. This quarter has really passed by quite fast. We studied subtraction and multiplication in Math, national symbols of the Philippines in Social Studies, weather and clouds in Science, pronouns in Filipino, Verbs and Adjectives in Language, Bible stories of David, Jonah, and Abraham and History lessons until Gideon. We also started our World Geography lessons which my daughter absolutely loves.

For the past few days, I have been doing a lot of research online. I am still looking for Music and Arts curriculum for my daughter and I am already about to purchase the All About Spelling Level 1 and 2 for her. Just saving a few bucks more… While doing all this, I was able to see a cigar auctions website and I was really surprised that there are auction sites like this one. I had no idea they existed.
Anyway, I am also looking forward to attending the Homeschoolers Conference on the end of October. Hopefully, I will find some good curriculum there too.


  1. congrats marce! galing galing naman, i dont think i cna have the same patience 🙁

    kudos to you and to ate Kyla

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