Theater Tips

Now that my kids are bigger, we can watch movies and musicals together. Whenever our budget permits and if there are really good movies or musicals to watch, I try to make it a point that we can go and watch it together. This way, they will get exposed to other forms of arts, which is performing arts.

Anyway, whenever we go to theatres, one of the things that I always do is check out the exit signs to make sure I have a mental note of where it is so that in the event something happens, I know where to lead the kids.

Do you have other tips that you would like to share with me? Any tips that I should be aware of when taking the kids to the theater?


  1. MinnieRunner says

    That was very observant of you. Haven't really thought of that; so I guess I got nothing to share when it comes to Theater Tips. Thanks for the mention.

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