A Stay At Home Mom’s Point of View

When I became a stay at home mom, I knew that financially, it was going to be tough. Between hubby and me, I was the one earning more during the time that I resigned from my IT work. I knew that our lifestyle would be changing and we needed to sacrifice many of our hobbies or expenses.

I have always thought about working part time from home or opening a business that I can operate from home like printing business which provides hair salon business cards, restaurant business cards or personal business cards.

Now, it has been 6 years since I resigned. I was never able to operate a business at home but was really glad that work at home opportunities came my way. I briefly wrote technical articles for someone then paid posts and sponsored posts came my way. The money I earned from these posts had really been a great help to our family financially.

We use the money to pay for extra classes that my daughter takes and supplementary materials for my kids’ homeschooling. Now, my hubby has enrolled in an online master’s program and hopefully, my earnings would be able to help him too.

Financially, lots of adjustments have been made but it is all worth it. I wouldn’t trade being a stay at home mom!


  1. the all-around mom says

    same here, mommy Chris. it may be a bit hard financially and madami adjustments, pero i’d rather be with my kids than mapabayaan sila.btw, how did you get work thru paid and sponsored posts? want to give it a try din. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I chanced upon your blog and I liked it. I live in Spain and it would be nice to be able to get connected to another Filipina mom even if it's just trough blogging. I am linking up to your blog if you don't mind.

    I also wanted to be a stay at home mom but it unlike you, right now, our expenses can't just let me give up my work so, tiis tiis muna. Especially where we live now, mahal talaga.

    So, following up on the-all-around mom's question… wanna share about your sideline? 🙂

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