Christmas Is Here… Almost!

It is November 1 already. A few more weeks and it’s the Christmas season already. Maybe in the next week or so, we shall be putting up our Christmas decorations already. This is definitely something that the kids have been looking forward to. There is something about Christmas that brings out the jolly and kid in me. I also get excited with the Christmas decorations, reunions and food! I think I need to learn how to lose stomach fat fast since I am pretty sure that I would be gaining even more weight this Christmas season.

But what I really love best about Christmas is the gift giving. Of course I love to receive gifts, but I delight in giving gifts more! Its just perfect time to send someone a gift that would encourage that person and remind him or her that he or she is being thought of and is special. Of course, we don’t really have to give something tangible to everyone but I think its better to give love in its many forms this Christmas!

As the song goes “why don’t you give love on Christmas day?”

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