Jelly Bandz Giveaway!

A few days ago, I shared with you about Jelly Bandz. Would you be interested to win and enjoy a whole pack of Jelly Bandz for your kids? Jelly Bandz will be giving out several packs of Jelly Bandz to 2 winners!

The mechanics in joining is quite easy:

(required steps, this will earn you 1 entry)
1. Like The Mommy Journey and Jelly Bandz in Facebook
2. Post a message on your wall about this giveaway like this “Jelly Bandz craze is here!” Make sure you tag @Jelly Bandz and @The Mommy Journey on your post. (just type @Jelly Bandz and @The Mommy Journey on your wall post)
(for additional points, this will earn you another entry)
1. Follow JellyBandz in Twitter
2. Tweet this message “Join the Jelly Bandz craze! @jellybandz @ChristineAmador “
Please leave a comment on this post and let me know what you have accomplished. Giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only. The 2 winners will be chosen via The giveaway will end on November 29, 2010. Winners will be announced on December 1!


  1. the all-around mom says

    hi mommy chris! did everything listed on the contest mechanics (liked Jelly Bandz and Mommy Journey’s Facebook page, posted about it on my Facebook wall, followed Jelly Bandz and tweeted about it, too). followed you din sa Twitter. 🙂

  2. joined the contest, mommy chris. followed the mechanics:liked the mommy journey and jelly bandz in facebookmade a post in facebook wallfollowed jelly bandz in twitterand tweeted it too!

  3. Hi Mommy chris! I joined your lovely give away… 1.I Liked The Mommy Journey and Jelly Bandz in Facebook- Karen Chayne Sanchez 2. Posted a message on my wall in Facebook –!/kayeshayne/posts/1614431338890883. Followed you and JellyBandz in Twitter – @kayeshayne214. Tweeted about this give away. so much! 🙂

  4. Hi sis! DONE with the mechanics!1- posted it in my wall tagged to the mommy journey and jellybandz2. followed jelly bandz on tweeter and tweet about it godluck to us!! 😉

  5. i forgot…I also liked jellybandz and the mommy journey already 🙂

  6. MinnieRunner says

    Wow, my niece would love this. Would require her mom to join, hihi…

  7. reanaclaire says

    Hi…Hope you can drop a line at my email reanact(at)gmail(dot)comregarding to some paid posts which I am going to offer to you.. thanks!

  8. done posting on my FB account (emiliana sison) on twitter (@millette05) AT

  9. wow, nice contest! :)how are you na? tagal ko uli di nakadalaw! missed being here! 🙂

  10. carinamodella says

    i wonder what my boys will do on that bandz…lols

  11. Hi Mommy Chris 1. liked FB accounts2. Followed Twitter account3. Tweeted4. posted update on my facebook wall

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  13. Mrs Graig_Kenny says

    this is interesting 🙂

  14. hahai.ponce says

    Hi Chris!

    Done joining the Jelly Bandz craze contest.

    I've liked Mommy Moments on Facebook sometime ago na, will that still count? I've liked Jelly Bandz on FB as well.

    I've followed and twitted the contest on my Twitter account as well.

    hope to win, Leon will love this!

  15. kids clothes says

    Hi, can't join the contest because of restrictions but definitely love Jelly Bandz and will have to pick some up for my kids.

  16. I've started seeing these jelly bands here in Spain too! I thought they were the modern version of the plastic bands I use to play with when I was young… 10-20, kalog tansan, chinese garter, etc 🙂

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  18. done posting about the Jelly Bandz and Mommy Journey's Facebook page and liking it. 🙂
    Im still retrieving my twitter pw. hehe

  19. I liked Mommy Journey and Jelly Bandz on Facebook.

    I followed Jelly Bandz on Twitter!/ceemee/status/3702255622553600

  20. I posted it on FB and @ tagged both

    here's the link

  21. I just joined your cute contest and obey the mechanics.

    – liked The Mommy Journey and Jelly Bandz in Facebook
    Katherine Ramirez Sicat

    – posted a message on my wall in Facebook!/akiakat15/posts/142142575835637

    – followed JellyBandz and you on Twitter

    – tweeted the giveaway!/akiakat15/status/4232726009876480

    Thanks and more power! :o)

  22. dropping by for the first time. .I want to join but I think I am late lol next time

  23. Jarlin Paul says

    That's great contest…Thanks for bringing this up.

  24. Here is my post on facebook:

    liked you and jelly bandz using my account phoebe noelyne

    here is the twitter post:!/pibyangpibyang/status/6138520427044864

    followed you and jelly bandz in twitter using pibyangpibyang

    Godbless! 🙂

  25. marce ok lang magjoin? if ever I win sa Philippine address ko lang isend:)

    joined already and did the requirements and others to earn points like:

    1. Like The Mommy Journey and Jelly Bandz in Facebook
    2. Posted a message on my wall about this giveaway
    3. Follow JellyBandz in Twitter
    4. Tweet this message "Join the Jelly Bandz craze! @jellybandz @ChristineAmador

  26. aida villanueva says

    Hi Mommy Chris!

    Followed both Jelly Bandz and The Mommy Journey on Facebook and Twitter.

    Facebook Status:

    – Aida Villanueva

    Twitter status:

    – @slither1004

    Thanks! Hope to win!

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