Parenting is Heart Work and Hard Work!

While attending the 3rd Philippines Homeschooling Conference a couple of weeks ago, Pastor Peter Tan Chi from CCF shared about parenting and a number of tips on how to be the parent God intends us to be. The title of his first sermon was parenting is heart work and hard work.

He mentioned that as parents, more than the behavior, we should be focusing on the heart. Because lasting change takes place in the heart. Behavior is only the fruit while the heart is the root. It is where the actual battle takes place.

As parents, we should be more concerned with heart attitudes as God is more concerned about the heart as well. I definitely agree with him here. I am glad that Pastor Tan Chi shared some heart attitudes/characters we can tackle as a family per month.

Here are some of the heart attitudes we can focus on:
– gratefulness
– respect
– responsibility
– diligence
– frugality
– perseverance
– flexibility
– faith
– love
– serve

As a family, we started on studying and applying gratefulness or thankfulness in our lives this month. It is a tough challenge but I really hope that my kids would catch these heart attitudes.

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