Ineffective Styles of Parenting

This from Pastor Peter Tan Chi of CCF. When I attended the homeschooler’s conference last October, he explained the Ineffective Styles of Parenting.

1. Helicopter parents – Do not allow their kids the privilege of learning to fail or be disappointed. Failure to prepare them to leave and live without them. Hover over the kids.
2. Cool barkada parents – There is more concern in being liked than being respected. Failure to provide clear boundaries for their children.
3. Laundromat parents – Delegate their parenting to others.
4. Intimidated parents – No discipline and lack the courage to lead a strong-willed child.
5. Idolatrous parents – They view their children as stars to be served and honored. Children are the center of attention.
6. Drill Sergeant parents – Focus on compliance and perfection. No room for grace.
So how can we be effective then? Pastor Tan Chi said we should have a combination of all styles.


  1. march on... says

    This is a good post. Thanks for sharing.
    I heard in one program that children are like soap, if you try to hold onto them too much or too loose they will slip away so trick is to hold on to them with just the right amount of force.

  2. carinamodella says

    This is true and very informative. Keep it up dear!

  3. correct! 🙂
    see you tom!

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