Lead Testing

Christmas is a time of gift-giving. Our kids most often receive the most number of gifts in the house. in the Philippines, it has not yet common to inspect lead content in toys but the government has warned us several times through the news that we as parents should be careful and check the lead content in the toys before giving it to the kids, especially gifts for the babies.

Toddlers and babies explore objects using their mouth. So when they receive gifts, especially toys, there is a high probability that they will put that object in their mouths. Children can get lead poisoning by swallowing chips of paint from the toy which might contain lead.
Whenever lead inspection is made in a property, they compare the lead found in paint to a list of hazardous lead levels. The same is true with toys. We can only find out the true lead content of a product by using most recognized and EPA certified lead test kits. The lead test kits are very easy to use and can instantly let one know of the results of the test. We just need to shake the swab and rub it against the test surface. If pink color appears then we know that there is lead. Lead test kits works with any surface like ceramics, metals, paints, dust and soil.
Parents, let us all be informed and be wary of the toys that our kids play with this Christmas. We need to keep our kids safe from lead poisoning.

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