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Christmas is just around the corner and this week we shall be featuring our little Christmas tree at home! The kids were so excited to put up our Christmas tree so by mid November, our tree was already up.

Our Christmas tree is just 2 feet tall.. we bought it about 3 or 4 years ago.
In spite of its size, there is something about Christmas trees and the Christmas lights which the kids just love!
Do your kids like putting up the Christmas tree too?
Join us!


  1. namiss ko MM marce! yan may entry ako sa wakas heheeh

    may recent pic si yena wid our small christmas tree post ko na lng soon 🙂 heheeh

  2. Bambie dear ★ says

    Me too super na-miss ko ang Mommy moments, esp you Mommy Chris. Now I'm trying to be active online again. I hope it's ok if I also share my entry for last week's theme in this week's theme 🙂 Have a nice weekend 🙂 mwah

  3. cute little Christmas tree; and good to see your kids help out set up the tree too. they must be very excited. have a great weekend!

  4. maliit n xmas tree lang tlga sis for our kids kasi d nila abot malaki hihihi :))

    thats y i have our own lil xmas tree inside the room aside fr the xmas tree in the house 😉

    happy MM!!

  5. size does not matter,db. it's the thought and joy of putting together that tree that is worth remembering.

  6. Sorry Chris nagloko yung mclinky, nadoble ko tuloy entry ko wahhhh.

    That's a cute Christmas tree you've got, enjoy na enjoy ang kiddoes hehehe.

    About commenting i ion your nostalgia post pala, I am not sure if it was registered but I posted one. I am having trouble commenting to other WP blog kasi, i dunno why.

  7. carinamodella says

    my kids as well love to put up our little christmas tree…happy mommmy moments to you mami chris!

    —Burton Hillis—

    Merry Christmas,Mommy Chris!^_^

  9. awww…what a cute christmas tree…cute nitong dalawa! merry christmas mamiChris!

  10. The spirit of Christmas is present whenever we have Christmas tree set up our house kahit na anong size pa yan

  11. ako din namiss ko MM. sorry for not joining you mga sis for a month.

    that's a great ate and kuya bonding. ako rin tinulungan ni RJ magdecorate

  12. Charlotte's Mom says

    What a cutie little Christmas Tree…Love it!

    Happy MM:-)

  13. marce kahit maliit Christmas tree nyo but bongga naman ng decoration:)

  14. Our Life As Parents says

    i just added my entry. it's probably the littlest christmas tree entry here but our Christmas spirit as a family is big. 🙂

  15. Our Life As Parents says

    i love your Christmas tree in the house, too.

  16. cute naman ng Christmas tree na yan 😀

    Mommy Moments this week

  17. Matagal tagal din akong nawala para ma-miss ko ng super duper ang Mommy Moments sana welcome pa rin kahit on & off dito 🙂
    Sa sobrang tagal na nawala nagulat ako parangbiglang lumaki si Kyla & Toby sa paningin ko.
    So cute ng Christmas Tree lalo na't kasama ang mga cute na kiddos mo.
    Happy Yuletide Season Mare 🙂

  18. I wanna share our Christmas Tree this year although I'm late for my entry. Nice Christmas Tree, saya mag decorate with our kids diba.

  19. ang cute cute naman ng christmas tree nyo. siguradong nag enjoy ang mga bata nung i-put up yan, hehehe..

  20. kids really come alive when it comes to decorating christmas trees, especially when the trees are reachable, lol!

  21. supermommyjem says

    Wow! Its good to see kids enjoy decorating the Christmas tree. Its cute and kids really felt excited about Christmas.

  22. my entry is a bit late, hope you'd check it out too

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