Any Suggestions For Our Birthday Girl?

I mentioned the other day that my daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday soon and now she wants to have a Barbie themed cake. We both attended the Red Ribbon Barbie Fashionista Party a few months ago and now, she is asking me for the Barbie cake she saw! Well, I have yet to check out the price and I am hoping that we can find something suitable that is within our budget.

Aside from the cake, she also wanted some balloons. I am just planning a simple birthday celebration with our homeschool support group. So hopefully, it would be a fun day for our little girl. Do you have any other suggestions that could add up to make our simple celebration memorable?


  1. My suggestion is to get Kyla involve in the preparation for her birthday. Consider the theme she likes, the kids she wants to be with, and what would make her very comfortable on her birthday. A simple one will do as long as she gets what she wants. For sure she will enjoy it – and that's what important. HAPPY PLANNING, CHRIS!

  2. Serendipity is Sweet says

    Happy birthday to her! You could always do a pink cake with a Barbie Topper to make it easy 😉

    Have fun!

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