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We just came from the wake of a church member’s son yesterday. It was really emotional seeing the parents of the boy cry. I know that no amount of preparation can prepare you when a loved one bids you goodbye. I really saw how the parent’s cared for the boy as he had a special condition, cerebral palsy. It is truly inspirational to see them every time they travel together.

Death is a reality that people seldom really prepare for but with the availability of companies like, one can help our family prepare for deaths and the logistics that come with it. I found out from a TV show I was watching a few months back that death is expensive. The wake, the cremation, the funeral and other stuff really costs a lot. That is why it is advisable to check out affordable life insurance and funeral insurance quotes. This is an investment that will surely be used one day.

This is going to be in my list of things to do this year. I know it is morbid and not something we usually plan for but as I have said, it is a reality we need to prepare for. It is both practical and wise to prepare for it.


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