It’s Our Wedding Anniversary Soon

Next month, hubby and me would be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I originally wanted to have a wedding vow renewal ceremony at a garden with our families. I wanted my kids to witness a wedding and I want them to be part of our wedding. I was also looking around for special occasion dresses which would be fit for our simple ceremony as well.

But while planning about it, I saw the costs it would entail and since I don’t have any budget for this event, it seems that I might just forgo this plan, unless God suddenly intervenes and provides… Well, we shall see what happens!


  1. Advanced happy wedding anniversary! I like the idea if the renewal of vows with the kids witnessing. I hope God intervenes with the budget!

  2. the all-around mom says

    Wow! congrats, mommy. same tayo, 10 years din kami hubby this year but by july pa. God will surely provide for your celebration 🙂 God bless!

  3. Mom Daughter Style says

    advance happy anniversary! And congratulations!

  4. carinamodella says

    advance wedding anniv to you and your hubby!

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