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Happy Friday to everyone! Our theme for today is about new achievements by our kids or if you want, you can also share your own achievements. I don’t think I have any new achievements that I can share yet but as for my kids… I guess, I just want to share that Kyla is doing good with her ballet class. In fact, she has firmly decided (well I hope that she won’t change her mind until the performance day itself) that she wanted to join the ballet recital on May. I hope and pray that she will be confident as this will be her first ever ballet performance.

As for my son Toby, who is now 4 years old. I can see that he is still reluctant to study “formally” – by this I mean, he doesn’t want to sit still for more than 10 minutes to do worksheets or study any lesson. BUT I am glad to know that he is very much interested to read books with me and learn about different things. I also have a hunch that his learning style is Auditory-Visual learner. I am taking things slowly with him but I want him to be encouraged to learn and to love learning… As of now, he can write his first name but not his second and last names yet. He can also count from 1-20 correctly, sometimes I hear him counting up to 50 but with some assistance. I am amazed that he can recall songs and lyrics easily too.

Well, I look forward to hearing your mommy stories, so join us this week!
If you have any themes in mind, don’t hesitate to suggest and leave me a comment! 🙂


  1. hi, thanks for hosting this meme. I have lots to share about our kids, although they are not here with us at the moment. blessings from Thailand!

  2. jared's mum says

    which reminds me, i have yet to make my post from last week's prompt..will be back later with my new posts…childminding muna:)e

  3. It's amazing how our kids get to learn something new each day, and kids these days learn fast, right? Way to go, Kyla! Hope to hear about your performance in May. Boys' attention span, on the other hand, is usually shorter, so they really need more guidance, and parents need more patience to help them in their studies.

  4. Wow, Kayla also does ballet? Wrozlie and AJ are hooked too and will have their recital in May.

    Si Toby parang si AJ, gustung gusto mag aral, pero walang tyaga umupo sa chair at mag drawing man lang, tayo ng tayo at lakad ng lakad, hehehe, but she would make you read tons of books.. I believe that when they are ready, they are ready.

  5. Jadeingua - 01.20.11 says

    Hi Mommy Cris!

    My daughter too ls into ballet! They just recently had their recital last December,and it was indeed another mommy proud moment for me. 😀

  6. I suggested my daughter to get ballet instead of swimming but she said it is so girly LOL

    Your darling looks so astounding with her outfit though, Ballet suits in her.

  7. carinamodella says

    Ballerina pala si ate at ang cute naman ng drawing ni bunso hehe…

  8. LesleyanneYP says

    a beautiful ballerina you have there! and the little boy loves to draw. proud mommy 😛

  9. chubskulit says

    I have the same concern with my boy too Mommy Chris.

  10. your girl just so lovely excited to see her in ballet floor…yay….wish you luck and the boy just soo cute

  11. we, parents are really so proud of our kids…their achievements are also our achievement 🙂

  12. way to go, kyla. she's so pretty in her ballet dress.

    as for toby, just let him enjoy whatever he's doing, anyways, he's just four.

    magka-age pla si bunso ko sk si kyla:) sa May xa mag 7th.

  13. your little ballerina is very cute in that purple ballet dress.
    ganoon yata talaga mga boys, mommy, hindi masyadong patient when it comes to studying.

    happy MM!

  14. whew! done with my entry, mommy. medyo nahirapan ang beauty sa thumbnail links, hehe. matagal na kasi di ako nakasali but I'm happy to be here again.

    Ang cute naman ng ballerina mo. Hope I can enroll my girls at ballet school one of these days…
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  15. Mom-Friday says

    good for Kyla! my girl also wants to try ballet 🙂

  16. redamethyst says

    wow! nice naman, you got a ballerina. good luck sa recital nya.
    Paglalake ata gandun talaga paglalake, my son's focus is more on playing pa rin kahit prep na sya.

  17. supermommyjem says

    You are very lucky to have wonderful kids. Now I am excited how it feels to be a mom with kids schooling.

  18. wow! ang galing galing naman ni kyla…am sure she will do good….good luck little lady!

    sabi nila, mahirap daw turuan ang mga lalaki….am sure toby will do good!

  19. wow! little ballerina..Im sure with your help she'll join her recital..

    Cute naman ng little boy..

    Happy mommy moments!

  20. nice kyla! ang galing galing naman ni toby ah… congrats mommy!

  21. my first time here. hope you can visit my entry. have a nice a day.

  22. wow!!! you've also got a ballerina, mommy chris… hopefully she still enjoys it until May and onwards. I stopped alyssa this winter (though she like her ballet classes so much) because it's getting really cold and we just go there commute… she'll go back in spring, though… nice to support our daughter's chosen activities…

    Its good that you are able to see this early Toby's learning style… indeed, no kids are alike…

    their achievements are yours too, mommy… and I'm sure you're proud of them.

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