Our TV

We have been staying here at our house in Sta Rosa Laguna for the past 5 and a half years. We have not subscribed to any local cable providers since. Instead, we opted to use the antennae for our TV signal connection. We didn’t want our kids to grow up with constant cartoons on the TV and to be watching so much TV in one day. We wanted them to be “readers” rather than watchers of cartoons, cable shows or be couch potatoes.

But there are days that I am thinking of subscribing to cable providers. Our antennae connection at the back of our TV is now loose and hubby is not “hands-on” when it comes to fixing things in the house. There are days that the reception is not too clear too. Our TV is also 10 years old now, and I wonder if we are still using S-Video technology on it. The cables for S-Video are now quite difficult to find since the newer TV sets are using DVI cable and technology.
I just don’t think we are ready to pay for any additional monthly expense for cable connection though so hopefully, our antennae would still work for the next months and years.

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