Our Zoobic Safari Trip

Our 2nd day at Subic was spent in Zoobic Safari. It was our first time there and we all had fun. We arrived there at 9am to make sure that there weren’t too many people.

Toby at Croco Loco

We saw the Aetas perform at the Aeta’s Trail
I was quite happy to see the many different animals…

Our close encounter with the tiger!

Animal feeding time

My sister with the train
It was a great family experience!


  1. the all-around mom says

    dito nung December nag-field trip yung isa kong anak. ang layo but it was fun! you should try ocean adventure next mommy, if you haven't been there yet. 🙂

  2. precious family you have. kakainggit yay!

  3. sana i can also bring my whole family to that place…ang layo ko naman kasi sa manila eh…hehehehe… my son really enjoys the outdoors…sana, soon!

    Pink Memoirs

  4. i am planning to take my family there august this year – thanks for this blog – will be coming back here for reference.


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