School Materials for Toby

I have bought some books from the book fair last September for Toby and we have been using them for the past months. They are math, science and language books from C&E Publishing. So far, we are almost finished with language and half way though math and science. Though I don’t think they are enough since the books are really created for the classroom so Toby tends to get bored after a few minutes. So I am on the look out for better math and reading materials. Materials which suits his learning style. I think he is an auditory visual learner. I am considering Math U See and Sing Spell Read and Write curriculum respectively for him.

Currently, we have been studying the basic phonics of each letter. I use what I have learned from All About Spelling Level 1. He also has been playing around We also use the different activities from the Letter of the Week curriculum of Confessions of a Homeschooler.
I am doing some more research on each curriculum before buying them.

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