"God Woke You Up Mom…"

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night because the room was too silent. I went to check the electric fan because it was open when we slept, but I was surprised to find out that it had stopped working even if it was still turned on and plugged in. I immediately checked it and the motor was really hot. So I unplugged it and removed it and got another one.

This morning when I was telling my daughter about it, she was quick to remind me… “God woke you up mom, because He wanted to save us..” (of course, she told me this in Filipino language)
Thank you Lord for waking me up last night and for a daughter who sees you at work in our lives.


  1. God really has his own ways…Good to hear you are safe 🙂

  2. Mama Keene says

    That's so sweet, your doing a great job teaching her about the Lord!

  3. Mrs. Kolca says

    The super hot electric fan motor might have caused a fire. God really works in mysterious ways sis. Continue blessing other people and He will truly bless you more. Happy weekend and see you tomorrow! 🙂

  4. Mom-Friday says

    God works in mysterious ways indeed!
    Glad you're safe!

  5. carinamodella says

    very nice answer from your daughter…kids teach us sometimes you know (wink).

  6. God really woke you up to keep your family safe. God loves your family so much, Chris!

  7. Good to know you're safe, sis. Thank God for that, He really do save us and works in mysterious ways.
    As for Kyla, she's a wonderful kid, knowing GOD works in our lives.

  8. God is really taking care of His children.

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