Homeschool Update

Kyla had her 3rd quarter homeschooling portfolio review last week at The Master’s Academy in Ortigas. The academic consultant said she is doing well and is showing much improvement in her verbal communication as well. She is able to share her thoughts better too. I am real glad that we are about to finish our 1st year in homeschooling and so far, so good. Though there are bumps along the way, I think it is a good first year for us. She will be taking a SAT exam after the school year, I hope she will do well there too.

We need to work on more Math though 🙂 Hopefully, we can make Math more fun and interesting for my daughter. I am thinking of getting Math-U-See for supplement over the summer and see how it will suit us. I also want to look for more books for reading enrichment. She definitely enjoys reading and we want to continue this good habit. So you will see me on book hunt at Book Sale branches! 😀
What makes it all worthwhile is that I know this is what God wants for our family now. I can see that God is working in all our lives. He is molding and shaping each of us as we homeschool together. We are not only learning academically, or enjoying each other’s company but we are seeing God at work in our character and in our lives.


  1. That's wonderful news, Chris!

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