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It is February and it is the love month! It is also a special month for us because my daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday very soon… and in line with our theme for today which is love songs… Here is my love song for my kids.

How about you ? Do you have a special love song for your little ones? Share it with us!


  1. kung hei fat choi sis =)

  2. video made me teary eyes. aawww..
    just nothing describes the love for the kids. being mommy is truly God's blessing.

  3. I love your song. It's very, very touching.

  4. i love the song marce and I'm now singing this! can't help crying while singing this love song, prayer song for Hyzyd:)

  5. Wow! very touching Mommy Chris…very meaningful words 🙂 Happy MM!

  6. aawww..umaga pa lang maga na ata ang mata ko,very touching song!

  7. Beautiful love song for kids! Mommy Chris, my entry is about my favorite love song. I thought that's what this week's entry is all about. I hope that's fine.

  8. carinamodella says

    lovely vdeo and a very touching song! advance happy birthday to your daughter sis!

  9. march on... says

    this is such a nice topic for MM. Thanks 🙂

  10. Mauie Flores says

    I got all teary-eyed while writing my post. After listening to this song, the tears are now rolling! Waah! I miss the times when my binatilyo was still a small baby.

  11. its a nice song and thank you for sharing the video too it was very sweet…

  12. OMG! napaiyak mo ako mom chris.
    naalala ko ang mother ko.huhuhu

  13. i love this song too. i made a video for rj with this song. the lyrics are exactly what every mother would like to ask from God.

  14. nice song mommy chris…thanks for sharing!

  15. I love this song so much, mommy Chris. nakaka touch. Happy MM and Happy Friday!

  16. touching.. thanks for sharing sis..Happy MM.

  17. supermommyjem says

    We are the same… It is Lullaby and I feel very emotional when I hear and sing this song especially when my little boy is beside me.

  18. really nice song..heart touching for a mother like me..hehe! thanks for sharing cris!

  19. jared's mum says

    i initially thought it was just about any favorite love song so i was rummaging my head for one. then i found out it's a love song for our kids, even much your entry mommy chris, advance happy birthday to your daughter…can't wait to see the other entry..happy mommy moments^^

  20. Indeed a beautiful song for the children.I love this song & the video too.Thanks for sharing this Mare.
    God bless your family always.

  21. Sweet Heaven says

    same here crying while listening the music i love it, so toching huhuhu.

  22. Jadeingua - 01.20.11 says

    Very touching song Mommy Chris!

  23. hi Chris! i'm excited to share this entry to all 😀
    this is my first time to hear your love song. it's beautiful…same kayo ni rossel 😀
    My Mommy Moments

  24. My entry is in Chris, sorry just have time today:) godbless!

  25. It was a good feeling after listening to the song…

    done commenting to all 32 blogs…

  26. nice video! thanks for sharing Mommy Chris!

  27. naiiyak ako sa video na ito. suddenly naisip ko ang mga shortcomings ko as a mom…but thankful that I'm given the chance to be a mom twice. 🙂

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