Nostalgia – Kyla’s 7th Birthday Presentation


I can not believe it but my daughter is turning 7 already… So I made a simple video presentation for her! As I made this video, I can’t help but be nostalgic… I can still remember the first time I held her and the breastfeeding sessions and all the firsts….

I am just grateful to God that He allowed me to be the mom of Kyla and that I was able to witness and be part of her life for the past 7 years. I have no regrets over the time I have spent with her.

Happy birthday Kyla! 🙂 I pray that may you grow up continually loving the Lord with all your heart and may you be filled with wisdom too! May God shower you with his favor and never depart from His word! We love you and are very proud of you!


  1. Ang ganda ng video Mommy Chris!

    Happy Birthday to Kyla. My daughter will turned 7 naman next year :D. Ang bilis ng panahon no, parang kailan lang :D.

    Ask ko naman mommy,anong software ang gamit mo nung ginawa mo yung avp. I'm using kasi Nero lang eh, may limit yung pictures. THanks!

  2. Awww such a sweet video full of happy memories… Pagkacute ni Kyla nung baby pa kaya naman ang ganda na nya, mLAApit a nang magkadalaga mommy Chris..

  3. Happy 7th birthday to kyla. Mine is here chris

  4. kakaiyak naman post/vid nato, chris. mhirap na masaya ang maging nanay. pag sadness, nakakaiyak ciempre pero kapag masaya esp mga anaks ang involved MAS NAKAKAIYAK PA!ganyan yata tlg ang nanays, EMOTERA, lol

    happy 7th birthday to kyla.

  5. Happy birthday, Kyla! Chris, you already have a "dalaginding."

  6. awww.. that's so sweet mommy.. God Bless.. dropping by here for nostalgia.
    Nostalgia Here

  7. Cute nmaan nito…My first entry is here.

  8. she's one lucky girl to have a mom by her side all the 7 years of her life. i miss those years with my daughter. 🙁

    Hoping from nostalgia and TBE, Chris!


  9. Beautiful presentation. Mommy. I was so engrossed viewing all the lovely memories of Kyla. Happy birthday to her. She's one lucky girl to have such a wonderful family. Ilang taon nalang at may dalaga ka na. Dimo mamamalayan, may aakyat na ng ligaw, hehe!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Awe! So sweet. These are some really precious memories. Happy Birthday to Kyla! 🙂 Late visit via NT!

    Adin B

  11. Happy birthday Kyla! Ang cute nang pictures niya sa video. Wow, time flies by so quickly and she's beautiful and smart girl.

  12. Wow, I love the presentation. Happy Birthday Ate Kyla!! Kiss and Hug from me.

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