Reaching My Goals

I remember blogging about my goals for this year at the start of the year. I remember saying that I would like to :

> Spend at least 30 minutes every day reading the Word of God and in prayer
> Do something for others. Be involved in helping others in whatever capacity.
> Teach my son to read.
> To continue in homeschooling my kids.
> Start contributing to SSS and Philhealth
Well, now that the 2nd month of the year is about to be over, I wanted to revisit these goals and to check which ones I have accomplished. I am glad that the 5 goals I have stated so far are accomplished and being accomplished.

Now, I can set more goals for the year. Like looking around for more jobs so I can save some money, maybe look around for merchandising jobs or other part time online work. I want to be able to save for the following this year:

> My kids saving account
> Stock trading
> Vacation abroad
Hopefully, by God’s grace, I would have accomplished these too by middle of this year.

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