Homeschool Help : Learning Styles

When you are a beginner homeschooling mom, before considering what curriculum you want for your kids, you would want to find out your teaching and learning style first. It is also wise to know the learning styles of your children. This would enable you to make wise decisions regarding the method of teaching you would choose and the curriculum you would use for your family. This would save you lots of heartache and money!

We all have different learning styles and for some of us, it could be a combination of the different types. There are three primary learning styles which are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Check out this very informative link for detailed information. To learn more about teaching the different kind of learners, you need to read on this link so you will understand your child more.


  1. Yes..very true! That is really important!

  2. Thanks for this post, Mommy Chris! I still have a few years left to decide whether I will homeschool my toddlers or not. Your posts on homeschooling are really very informative.

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    The current buzzes in further education about “differentiation” and “individualised learning” have created perfect conditions for anyone peddling tests purporting to diagnose students’ learning styles

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    What do you think that we as teachers can do in the classroom to enhance the learning styles between boys and girls genders?

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