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mommy moments

Congratulations to all moms who have kids who graduated or moved up another grade level! Indeed, these are proud Mommy Moments! If your kids are not yet going to school, I am sure they have their own achievements which you can share with us today… Share your proud mommy moments today!

As you guys know, my kids are homeschoolers and this is our first year to homeschool. We are very happy with the results. We have finished our 1st grade curriculum and she will take her OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test) exam soon.
Our first year of homeschooling generally went along fine. I had to adjust my daily activities so that we can homeschool everyday. I learned a lot too… I learned how to discipline myself in terms of internet usage, I learned how to prioritize what really matters, I learned to become more patient (still learning!), I learned to be more creative.. but above all, I learned more about my kids. How they respond in particular situations, what they really think and what is important to them. It is a blessing to be able to train and guide our kids while they are small.
We were also very blessed that we were able to join homeschooler’s support group here in Sta Rosa Laguna. And that we were able to find a ballet class nearyby which Kyla enjoys! We were also able to go to field trips like Museo Pambata, Yuchengco Museum, Fort Santiago, Zoobic Safari, Butterfly Garden and La Mesa Ecopark. We were able to watch theater productions like Sleeping Beauty and Christmas Ballet. It is family bonding – at its fullest!

I am pretty excited to see and hear from you! Happy mommy moments!


  1. Homeschooling is really a good thing for moms and children to bond more. Congratulations on that Mommy Chris! you are doing a good job to your babies! 😉

  2. Simply Dyes says

    great achievements! i am amazed on how you juggle all your activities 🙂

    Here is my entry.


  3. Congrats on your success in home schooling! Your kids will surely be guided and well rounded. Keep it up!

  4. may palacpac says

    I've done lifestyle teaching for the past 3 years and gearing to make our homeschooling official this school year. There were frustration spells once in a while, but in the end, it still is rewarding.

  5. Congratulations to you as well Mommy Chris! Homeschooling is not easy but I can see that you are doing a good job with your kids. : )

  6. i really admire you for homeschooling your kids Chris 😀 saludo ko sayo, taas pati kamay at paa ko ((joke)). God bless!
    my MM this week

  7. Congratulations for being a patient teacher to your kids!! I am sure your kid's achievements is worth your effort!

  8. carinamodella says

    ang sipag naman ng mag-ate…enjoy the summer vacation!

  9. You're such a hands on mom and for that, I salute you! Congrats to your kids and Congrats to the mommy as well!

  10. Congratulations Chris on your successful homeschooling. I wish more successes in the next years.

  11. chubskulit says

    Awwww kudos to you Mommy Chris and to your kids as well.

  12. Wow! Congratulations Mommy Chris!

    visit My MM at it's new home.

    Have a Happy Friday! 🙂

  13. Great achievements, congratulation and I am sure she will do well enough for that exam.

  14. Prettymom says

    wow.. Congrats to you mommy Chris for being the best teacher and mom to your kids. They must be really proud of you. Also good job to your kids for being such a great student 🙂

  15. Homeschooling your kids is a tough job, but you seem to be doing great! Congratulations to your kids and to you, Mommy Chris!

  16. DadEngrMommmyLES says

    You and your kids have accomplished a lot of things together. Congrats! Here is my share for this week's <a href=">Mommy Moments</a>

  17. mommy jes says

    hi mommy happy MM again!

    Congrats to your kids and sau lalu hihhi napaka PATIENT mo in doing all of that home schooling 🙂

  18. congrats to you and your kids! great job!

  19. mine is in now;) happy weekend!

  20. Mel Cole says

    Wow, that's good that you considered homeschooling as a top priority for your kids Mam Chris. I heard lots of mom doing it these days and their kids really love schooling in high school or college after they graduated in a certain level in their home school. I want to do that to my kids too. 🙂

  21. jared's mum says

    i really admire moms that homeschool their kids, i hope i can do it one day too..happy mommy moments mommy chris 🙂

  22. ♡ N o r e e n says

    Oh wow. Homeschooling is such a family effort talaga! Congrats sis!

  23. i am a very traditional person and i really had no idea about homeschooling before. i can imagine how fun it could be..

  24. Congrats mare for your kids' achievement and congrats to you for your patience to teach.

  25. Jadeingua - 01.20.11 says

    Congrats Mommy Chris! You really amaze me by how you home school your kids! Keep it up! 😀


  26. yay finally here I am Chris join the Mommy Moment 🙂

  27. Cheerful says

    congratulations, you're doing a great job! great achievement for your family too! happy Thursday, next MM will be up soon and I am just here being late! hope its ok, humabol pa ako talaga…hehehe!

  28. Mel Cole says

    I love the way the kids draw their summer plans 🙂 I'm sure it will be remembered. HAve a great summer sa family nyo dyan Mam Chris. MAs una kayo magcelebrate nang Summer kesa sa amin. Got you a postcard and sent it already. 🙂

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