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Before we proceed with today’s theme, I would like us to pray for our mommy friends from Japan (Seiko, Clarissa, Bambie and Jac). In times of uncertainty and discouragement, we can focus our eyes on Christ and He is our hope.

On the lighter side, I would like to thank everyone for joining last week. I am so glad that we had so many participants again! I am looking forward to your purple posts this week!
To start off.. here are some purple moments of my kids!
And now!


And now!

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  1. Nice photos! I love the ballet outfit! So cute. Reminds me of my ballerina days. 😀

  2. Mommy Liz says

    I love the ballet outfit, I need to get one like that for the girls..

  3. love all the shades of purple! your son is growing too fast, right! and so cute at daughter is into ballet too and she would definitely love the purple ballet outfit.

    thanks for hosting, mommy chris!

  4. genefaith says

    cute ng ballet outfit ..the purple ball would surely covet Hyzyd's attention:)

  5. Simply Dyes says

    kids are really growing too fast!

  6. Ballet and purple – don't you just love that! The purple stuff toy is just as perfect!

  7. I just created a new blog and used it to join here. It has been a while since I last joined MM and I'm happy to be back!

    My daughter and I loves pink & purple so when I learned of today's theme, I didn't hesitate to post away my latest purple creation.

    Hope you can visit meHERE.

  8. hahai.ponce says

    posted my share.

    I already said a prayer for all my friends in Japan, I hope they are all well and safe

  9. I'm loving the purple ballerina outfit!

    What do kids find in Barney that almost every kid loves him?

    Happy MM!

  10. Nice pictures! 🙂
    Seeing our kids grow is priceless.

    The cutest ballerina 🙂

    Sarah A.

  11. carinamodella says

    weee! you have plenty of purple color shades today.

  12. Ang laki na ni Kyle at Toby… nagbabago na rin gusto nila 🙂

  13. awwww…bagay kay kyla ang ballet outfit…bilis lumaki nang binata mo mamiChris.

  14. DadEngrMommmyLES says

    great photos..your little ballerina look so pretty.

  15. march on... says

    i love the then and now concept. it shows how they've grown up 🙂

  16. Tintin.Tetay says

    Love this week! I ♥ purple.

    Mine's up here.

    Happy weekend!

  17. chubskulit says

    Ganda ng balerina!

  18. it's my first time to join mommy moments!
    love the theme for the week!
    kids are so adorable in their purple outfits!

  19. Enjoyed your photos…happy to participate this week. Thanks for hosting, Chris.


  20. these are cute purple moments of your kids here, Chris!

  21. lyzacruz88 says
  22. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says

    I like kyla ballet outfit

  23. sakto! kakatapos lang ng field demo nila at parehas sila mag kuya na purple ang costume!

    kain muna then gawa entry hehe

  24. ang cute naman ng little ballerina mo sis….

    I also love the color purple…my fave evident sa aking closet kasi puro purple ang laman na color ng dress

    Here is my Mommy Moments – Purple entry at #37

  25. jared's mum says

    cool!ballet!nice purple photo mommy chris^^
    my post is up too

  26. Ganda ng ballerina mo. My kids also love Barney!!

  27. habol ako mommy Chris. toddlers have no pictures with purple stuff though. here's my entry

  28. girly tlga baby girl mo. ballet is nice .

  29. Kyla is growing up to be a gracious little lady. She is so pretty in that ballerina outfit. Toby is like a little man, really no longer a baby. : )

  30. supermommyjem says

    Ang Cute ng ballet outfit. Mommy Chris ang bilis lumaki ng kids..

  31. MaiThreeBoyz says

    hi Chris! sorry for the late post. Love the big purple ball. my kids will love that!

  32. I love your daughters ballet dress…it is so feminine…

  33. we love BARNY!!

  34. Bambie dear ♥ says

    Hi mommy Chris.. I’ll definitely join next week. Dami ko na talaga namissed.

  35. Mom-Friday says

    i mss joining your MM! Downside to having regular Friday themes on my blog.Wow you have lots of “purple moments” ha! :)Will have to try harder next time and browse through my posts if necessary! 🙂

  36. i love the now and then photos Chris.sige na Chris bisita na sa Luneta…to see those beautiful fountains and colorful lights 😀

  37. wow its barney time!!! my son loves barney too!!

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