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For today’s episode of Mommy Talks, we have another celebrity mom guest! She is none other than Ms. Sherilyn Reyes-Tan.

Sherilyn, or Shey as called by her friends, is blissfully married to CHRIS TAN ( a former Professional basketball Player, now a sports agent and my partner in our production and management company, 1TWO17. ) They have been together for 9 years but married for 7 years. They have 2 boys, PAOLO, 12 years old and LORENZ 8. Shey is now 5 months on the family

way with a baby girl.

Chris: Hello Shey! Welcome to Mommy Talks. We are excited to have you as our guest today. Can you briefly share with us how you started in show business?

Shey: Before I entered show business in 1994, I joined Mutya Ng Pilipinas Cebu, won the title and competed in the National competition. I was crowned Mutya Ng Pilipinas‐Tourism international and was sent to Malaysia for the Miss Tourism International competition where I placed third. I started in HOME ALONG DA RILES, as one of the secretaries in the office where MANG KEVIN played by Tito Dolphy was working, Became really busy since then. I must say pangarap kong maging artista. I was so into acting,dancing and singing during my younger days.

Chris: When you became a wife and a mom, did you choose to give up your career? Why or why not?

Shey: When I married Chris, I got so contented with my life as a mother and more so wife. I voluntarily put my showbiz career last on my list. I had said NO to many good opportunities. My husband and I developed separation anxiety so many times when I was working, he was with me the whole time, no complaints, just in the car for hours, sometimes more than 24..just so he could be with me. I am the type also kasi who wants to do everything and not delegate to househelp other tasks especially if its about the kids. I also don’t believe in quality time alone—I believe in both quality and quantity time!

Chris: How did you handle being a celebrity mom? Were there any pressures?

Shey: No pressure at all. I don’t let the “celebrity” get into my head. We raise our kids according to the rules we have set. Not considering we are celebrities. Our kids don’t get everything they want. They earn it. I’m proud that they can go in and out of a toy store without buying anything or feeling bad about it. We get a lot of praises from friends because of how our kids behave outside with or without us. That they may have celebrity parents but it does not mean they will not learn to commute, or walk, or not learn any household chores. My kids, though boys, automatically clean up the table after every meal. They can wash the dishes, clean their own room, fix their bed every morning.

Chris: Are you a hands‐on mom? In what way?

Shey: I was overly hands‐on when my kids were younger and my husband often got mad at me for doing so as it was not helping my kids in any way in being responsible and independent. It was a process, not to do things for them. Now, I just got used to just reminding them and I’m just so happy how my 12 year old can manage the house when my husband and I are out of the country and how my 8 year old can fix his school materials every night in preparation for the next day. Or how they can be trusted with a lot of things. You know that they will go to bed at 9pm even if you’re not home.

I pray everyday for my kids. Power of a Praying Parent just has every prayer a parent would want to say for her children. That’s how I am being hands‐on now, I say the whole prayer book from cover to cover everyday.

Chris: Can you share some tips on how you encourage your kids to excel? (i.e. school, sports)
Shey: We are not very strict with grades. We do not force our kids to be in the honor roll. AS long as they do their responsibilities everyday like studying after school, as long as they bring home good grades and that they have high grade in conduct, which is more important to us, then you’re in our good side. Sometimes, we give incentives to encourage them more. As for their talents and skills, we support them by means of providing them with the special training they need to develop these talents or skills more. We show appreciation by watching them perform, giving praises and constructive criticisms as to how they can improve more. Our family got into wakeboarding because our kids especially our eldest, Paolo was so into the sport during his younger years. He was able to join several competitions but developed the love for dancing so he concentrates more on this. While Lorenz, loves to play basketball and it is apparent that he will follow his dad’s footsteps.

Chris: What is your favorite moment/s with your family?

Shey: Everyday with my boys belong to my treasure chest. That’s why I love taking photos of them. I find every moment with them precious. I love tweeting about them or posting photos in twitter or Facebook. Our pizza and movie time on a lazy day, dinners coupled with performances from my kids, TV time in bed, long drives cracking jokes, making fun of one another or just singing together. I just love my everyday with them.

Life is not perfect..they are times our kids fail us and I love reading those sorry notes. My husband and I have our respective LOVE WALLS where we post notes from each other and from our kids. They also love giving little surprises like making us a snack, giving a self‐made cards on special occassions. My kids are inseparable, I love seeing them hug, do things together, Kuya coming home with pasalubong for the younger one. Now, our baby girl may not be here yet but she is so much a part of the family already. And I can see how her kuyas will love her to death. My fave sight to see is when they make our room a disaster.. I love watching them have fun. I am so in love with them though oftentimes they love ganging up on me.
Chris: While looking at your photos with your kids, I noticed that you have a close relationship with them. Can you share some secrets?
Shey: You have to be their friend. You have to develop an interest on things they love doing..or on something you all will love to do together.. So I am always like one of them.. But its vital that the husband is as hands-on like my hubby, he knows more how to deal with my kids since they are boys. I had to learn how to fist bump, wakeboard.. We show interest on the toys, movies, music, type of dance, sports that they like.. Most importantly, they can talk to us about anything..even about sex..we openly talk to them about anything they need and are eager to know.. Also…when its just the 4 of us, We let them behave like they’re just with friends.. They’re allowed to tell us the bad words they know etc.. that’s why, to have our baby girl will totally change a lot of things.. 🙂

Chris: Before we go, do you have any message or advice for moms out there who are struggling with motherhood?
Shey: Motherhood, is the toughest yet most rewarding career. This I always say to my friends who are first time moms. It is a blessing that we should welcome and embrace and be thankful for. Children are precious gifts who should be loved and nurtured.

It doesn’t also make you less of a mother if you have time for yourself. You also need a break from mommy duties. But always put your husband on your number 1 list. Your kids will eventually live their own lives and you will be left alone with your husband just like when you were starting so it is most important to have nourished the relationship all throughout the years.

My kids do not believe their dad and I will ever separate. Ask why, Kuya Pao said, because the love is (doing the hand sign) overflowing.

Chris: Many thanks for sharing your time and your story with us Mommy Shey. We are so inspired by your motherhood tales. Continue to be an inspiration! God bless you and your family!


  1. Wonderful write up and interview. Sherilyn is one of the best actress and host I know…

  2. very inspiring post:-D i like sherilyn reyes since then coz shes from cebu like me.

  3. Sherilyn will always be memorable to me Mommy Chris because while I was still an intern in ABS CBN Cebu, she was one of the regular casts of a comedy gag show there. One time, it was December, she gave all the production staff Christmas gifts. I received a Revlon lipstick from her. She is really nice and so down to earth. She's really a good person, inside out. Thanks for sharing this!

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  4. Mom-Friday says

    Another great feature! I knew Chris back in college 🙂

  5. Simply Dyes says

    great interview! i like the idea of a LOVE WALL 🙂 thanks for sharing Chris and Sherilyn 🙂

    1 Twelve St.

  6. sherilyn will always be in my heart because where friends for a long time even if we havent seen each other for years but she is still the same sheril that I know . More Power!

  7. You guys are sooo wonderful– Chris, for this wonderful write up, and everyone else for your kind words 🙂 THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  8. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    Great interview sis, at least we see another facet of our celebrity Mom's life – just like us they are striving hard to be the best Mom that they can be for their kids


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