Summer Days Are Here

Now that our daily classes are over, the summer season has officially begun for my kids this week. We try to make each day an interesting day by creating a summer daily schedule. It includes days where we learn about math, reading, geography, arts and music. Of course, it also includes field trips. Hopefully, we would be able to visit places that my kids would really love. They also want to go swimming. We haven’t planned on visiting any pools yet, whether those with pool lifts or not, because we are quite short financially. I really pray that we would be able to save up and get to visit some nice places this summer time!


  1. I am not sure what area you live in and what’s available, but I try to take my daughter to as many fun free places as I can – whether it be the community park, the lake, community activities, etc. She has just as much fun with these as she would for any paid trip! Hope you all have a great summer 🙂

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