The Three R’s Series

A veteran homeschooling mom shared some books with me and I have really been blessed with them. They were the 3 booklets in The Three R’s series by Ruth Beechick. The booklets are filled with practical advice and tips to help you start in teaching your young children (early grades) about language, reading and arithmetic.

She presents the basic needs of what homeschooling should be focused on. She focuses on the attitude of the home educators and the children and the experience behind the learning. I believe that every one who wants to teach their children at home should read this book even before starting to teach their kids at home. She stressed that home teachers should focus early-on the three Rs which include Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.
I especially liked “An Easy Start in Arithmetic”. I learned concepts of teaching and really wished that I would have read this book right before we started homeschooling my first grade daughter this year. Well, it is not too late and we can always shift and change our approach to learning math. I will try to share some key points that I have learned in the next weeks, so watch out for those posts.
So if you are considering homeschooling your kid, try to get a copy of this book to help you start out.
Note: I have not been paid for this review. This is my personal review for this book.


  1. Sheryl Gonzaga says

    Hi Ms. Chris, is this book available locally? Because already checked this at NBS and didn’t find it.

    • Hi Sheryl! Thanks for dropping by. I don’t really know as a friend just lent the book to me. I believe she bought it from another country.

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