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mommy moments
Hello mommies! This is the last Friday for the month of April, how fast time flies! Our theme this week is black and white. You can opt to post a black and white photo or any photo which depicts “black and white”.
Here is Kyla playing the “black and white” keys of the piano. She really loves to learn how to play the piano. I haven’t been able to enroll her in a formal class this summer but she has been trying to learn it on her own.

Here is hubby during one of the Sundays at church last year.

Here is Toby playing chess. He still doesn’t know how to play by the rules but he loves to control the chess pieces.

Happy mommy moments!


  1. Simply Dyes says

    Toby and J are alike- they both love chess even though they do not know how to play hehe

    nice interpretation of the black and white theme 🙂

  2. ayay, ang galing naman ni Kyla…talented tong mga anak mo mamiChris…way to go Toby!

  3. Nice take on today's theme. Some really good musicians are self-taught, so if Kyla has an ear for music, she can learn to play the piano by herself. You have a future pianist and chess grandmaster there. ; )

  4. Oh Keanna is asking me if she can learn the piano too. I have MINE posted. Happy MM!

  5. Good luck Kyla on you piano lesson. You have a very wonderful family, mommy Chris!

  6. wow … your some looks like he enjoys playing with the chess pieces 🙂

  7. aw piano and chess were both favorite ng kids ko…pero nde p sila marunong..heheheh marunong na b mag chess si baby boy? EThan knows the postion lang ehhhe happy MM mine is up!

  8. chubskulit says

    Oiist chess master si toby hehehe..

  9. geee..nawala mn comments ko:) happy mm!

  10. carinamodella says

    ang galing naman ng mga kids…mga talented.

  11. your kids are really talented..
    I also have a dream for my daughter to learn piano. (^^)

  12. My eldest love to learn how play the piano as well but geez she got too busy this summer.

  13. good luck ky kyla. wished my kids could be that talented.

  14. Mom-Friday says

    Playing the piano is my frustration! Wish one of my kids get interested someday.
    I also love B&W photographs.
    I actually thought I have a B&W post, it turned out to be "Sepia"! 🙂 well, hope it can pass…. hehehe….

  15. DadEngrMommmyLES says

    wow.your little Toby knows how to play chess.. :)here is my Black and White

  16. MaiThreeBoyz says

    Nice, Kyla!Hope you'll be able to take the piano lessons for a more formal training.

    I'll be posting mine soon, Chris. sorry if it would be a late one. can't stay in front of the computer too long because of sore eyes!It must be the heat.

    Happy MM everyone!

  17. christina says

    You have all the reasons to be proud, you're kids are talented and they're so cute.

  18. ~wickedlysexy c",? says

    aww, seeing Kyla playing the piano makes me wonder why I did not pursue learning it…my kid is into chess too, nakuha nya kay hubby ang pagkahilig sa chess..

  19. galing naman ni kyla, trying to learn on her own.. 🙂

  20. wow pareho sila ng daughter ko Mommy Chris! We really have a future musician! Praise God for their talents. 🙂

  21. ang galing po! talented ang mga babies… in black and white talaga!

    here is my ENTRY

  22. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says

    she gonna be the next girl, i forgot the fan of Lady Gaga, aragon im not sure hehehe.

  23. very nice photos mommy chris 😉
    joining again this week + looking forward to checking out the other mommy moments entries..
    happy sunday^^

  24. galing naman ni kyla…

  25. redamethyst says

    joined mommy moments, my post can be seen Here

    My son already knows the move of the chess pieces, all he needs now is how to move those pieces wisely to beat his opponent.

  26. caroline says

    love the chess! reminded me to push my daughter to learn.. 😉 thank you.

    got so late in our entry but can't miss MM

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