Watching the Royal Wedding Together

I was able to watch Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding on TV back in the 80s. Today, I never would have thought that I would be watching Prince William’s wedding with my daughter. It was a joyous occasion and we turned it into a family bonding and homeschooling session. We learned a bit about the British government and the monarchy system. We talks a bit of the differences between British and Philippine government systems too. But overall, I was glad to have been there with my kids, especially my daughter who loves stories about prince and princess. We didn’t know if there would be many ed hardy jewelry or if it would be a simple wedding gown, but we both were satisfied with the wedding attires of both the Prince and her lovely bride. Actually,I think it was the first wedding my daughter ever witnessed. Truly, it was a one of a kind bonding moment with my daughter which we both will never forget!

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