While doing clearpores review, I was so happy to have received an email from MyMomFriday that I won 2 FRO-YO Gift Certificates from TUTTI FRUTTI CENTRIS WALK! We have never been to Eton Centris Walk and the gift certificates are valid until August 31. So hopefully, we would have an opportunity to go there to see the place and claim the goodies too! And a few days after, I got another notification that I won some goodies from Unilab’s 1 day contest over their Facebook page! What a blessing! Even if I am drained financially, I really am so thankful for God’s favor over these small blessings! These are amazing treats for a busy mom like me!


  1. Spanish Pinay says

    Congratulatiosn on these blessings! 🙂 May the continue to pour on you (and all of us! 😀 )

  2. Mom-Friday says

    Congrats Chris! Will send GCs this week 🙂 more blessings to come! 🙂

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