Homeschool Help: Time4Learning Review

When we were invited to try out Time4Learning, I was very excited to have my 2 kids try it out! My 2 kids were so excited to type in their names and their passwords. When the program started, there was no stopping my kids. They didn’t want to stop. And they were excited to play at the playground area after doing their work for the day! Since we only have one PC, the kids had to take turns using their account.

I definitely think that this program worked with my kids. Both of them used the lower level. Although my daughter thinks the lessons are too easy for her but my son enjoyed it very much! I think that Time4Learning is a complete homsechool curriculum which would work especially if your kids like to study using something interactive like the computer. It has lessons on Science, Math, Language and Social Studies (for higher levels).
The only downside I see with this program is the problem of our internet speed. There are days wherein our Internet connection speed is incredibly slow (which happens here in the Philippines) so the kids would get tired waiting for the program to load. Also, when my daughter tried to study the money matters in Math and Social Studies, she didn’t know the answers to the questions since the questions were about the United States money and facts about the United States. It would be great if Time4Learning can develop an expansion on this area since there are many homeschoolers outside of the United States who might want to use this as their homeschool curriculum.
So if you ask me if I will recommend this program to you, I will definitely will. You can use it as a homeschool curriculum or enrichment activities for your kids!
Disclaimer: I am not paid by Time4Learning for this review. I was given a one-month free trial so I can review the site.


  1. That's awesome to read! My two really get into it and it's often hard to get them to log off.

  2. Spanish Pinay says

    Oh, I've been tinkering with the idea of homeschooling my little spanish pinay but with my full time work, I am afraid I might not be able to give all the time that is necessary 🙁

    by the way, I got you this: So I got you this:Blog Award

    Check it out from my blog 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Michelle P says

    I know what you mean about how they will just keep going!! It is the only program that I have to tell them to stop so we can do other things;) It has worked so well for my boys over the past 3+ years, that I was really hoping that it high school curriculum would be added, ((sigh)) my oldest is finishing the 8th grade this month then YIKES on to high school without our favorite program;( So happy to hear that others love it as much as we do!! Happy Homeschooling;)

  4. Oh glad you enjoyed it!

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