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Happy mother’s day! The most special day for all moms is here once again and this month, our themes are focused on being us being mothers! But before we start, I would like to invite everyone to join the mother’s day giveaway we are having here. Not only will you have a chance to win a FREE family or lifestyle photo shoot with a great mom photographer Tracey Heppner but you will be able to bless Gentle Hands Inc., which is a non profit child caring agency. Hope to see moms from Mommy Moments join me in this endeavor! For those moms who are not here in the Philippines, though you won’t win but I do hope that you will bless Gentle Hands! It will run until May 14.

Our theme today is Preggy Tales. This was our theme way back in Feb 2009 and I would like to repeat this theme since I know many were not yet part of Mommy Moments before. I am reposting my entry…
This picture was taken when I was pregnant with our first baby. I had a very rough first trimester during my first pregnancy. I had hyperemesis. I was vomiting every thing that I ate and drank. I was even hospitalized for 2 days. I was absent from work mostly during the first 2 months. I lost weight during my first trimester. But after the first trimester, I was okay. I remmeber reaching 170 lbs! I was having my weekly checkup when OB-GYNE said I was 1 cm dilated. We were still allowed to go home but that night, I couldn’t sleep much anymore since I was checking regularly if my “bloody show” would progress. The next day, I had another check up and I was admitted to the delivery room already. I gave birth to a 3.4 kilograms (7.4 lbs) baby girl on my 39th week through normal delivery.

I didnt have any pics taken while I was pregnant with our second child. I had an easier first trimester with our second baby. Probably because I knew what to expect and what to do. Though I still had morning sickness (all throughout the day). I was also quite busy, I was a stay at home mom by then (Kyla was 2 years old). During my second and third trimester, I had occasional spotting. So I was diagnosed to rest more. On my 3rd trimester, I was also diagnosed with UTI so I was taking anti-biotics until I gave birth. I wasnt as heavy as my first pregnancy, I reached 155 lbs only this time. I was having my weekly checkup when OB-GYNE said I was already 3-4cm dilated. I didn’t even know. The next day, we went to St. Lukes Medical Center to be admitted. I gave birth to a 2.77 kilograms (6 lbs) baby boy on my 38th week through normal delivery.

I was very happy with my OB-GYNE. She was very helpful and I was really comfortable with her. Probably why I decided to avail of her services again for our 2nd baby even if we already live here in Sta Rosa and the hospital she is accredited in was still in Q.C. I realized that she was also one of the factors why I enjoyed my pregnancy and didn’t really have a hard time in my labor and delivery.

Of course, I attribute everything to God. He planned it all and I was just thankful that my hubby was with me at both instances. Exactly like what we prayed for. Thank you Lord for allowing to experience the marvels of pregnancy and allowing me to give birth to 2 precious babies. If he should bless us with more, I know He would prepare us for it. For now, we are a happy “family four”!

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  1. caroline says

    you look stunning pregnant Chris! Pregnancy is really amazing work of God – we get to appreciate all His miraculous works once we get pregnant and then given births – and of course, it's just a beginning.

    I understand now why panganays are so spoiled sometimes because our first pregnancy are always specially challenging for first time moms. hehe

  2. chubskulit says

    Oh wow, spotting is something that's scary for preggy women.

  3. genefaith says

    looking at your photo marce parang kelan lang..ngayon you have dalaga na and Toby will soon be a man:)…you have challenging tales of your pregnancy but God is sooo survived them with grateful heart:)

  4. mommy jes says
  5. carinamodella says

    hirap talgang magbuntis at maglihi. pareho tayo sa hyperemesis mommy chris.

  6. Mommy Marlyn says

    journey to pregnancy, the most challenging yet the most fulfilling part of our life as a woman!

  7. Mom-Friday says

    Being pregnant is one of the most memorable experience I've had as a woman and thankfully, I was blessed to have an "easy" pregnancy, twice! 🙂 I shared my stories on the link – both CS babies!

  8. Clarissa says

    Hirap talagang magbuntis noh?pero the time na mahawakan natin ang baby,nawawala ang sakit^_^

  9. MommyLES says

    inggit ako..i dont have preggy pictures..i never experienced labor pains kc baka di ko kayanin. here is my Pregnancy Miracles

  10. ang hirap magbuntis ano? But everything was worth it when we got to see embrace our babies. I remembered it was a very touching moment for me. Happy MM mommy Chris!

  11. joining and sharing the miracle of life!

    ang ganda mong buntis!!!

    please my mommy moments entry! thanks!

  12. You were a tough preggy mother.

  13. The pains and joys of motherhood! We are truly blessed to become mothers, and our children are indeed gifts from God. Happy MM!

  14. Pregnancy maybe hard but it's also fun and fulfilling,right? Cheers to all mothers! Happy mother's day!

  15. it's all worth it when we see our babies ..

    Happy mother's day!

  16. hhehe..cute… i had spotting but it was really a miscarriage and it was horrible..hehe:) mine is up chris!

  17. ayyy..naiyak ako samga stories dito:) happy mother's day Chris!

  18. simply kim says

    that's not fair.. how did you manage to stay pretty when pregnant while i looked like a ripe tomato ready to burst? lol!

    visit from Kimmy!

  19. march on... says

    pregnancy is both difficult and memorable for mommies and I believe it is truly a blessing to become a mom 🙂

  20. Manileña Mom says

    Pwede pa humabol? 🙂

  21. cristina says

    sorry for super late post, i dont want to miss this one. hihi.. I wish i could experience normal delivery too. 🙂

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