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Mommy Talks

On today’s episode of Mommy Talks, our guest is the smart lady behind Mother Earthlings! If you don’t know, The Mother Earthlings is an online shop which offers fashion wear for your kids. Let us welcome Ms. Rone Valles Guerrero.

Chris: Hi Rone! Please share a brief background about yourself, family and business.
Rone: I’m an out of the box momblogger on twitter. I am paying for all the sins of my childhood and youth with my two earthlings, Gael (5.5) and Aiden (4). I lived in Spain for ten years and moved back when my youngest was almost two so I could have the support of family and yayas! We also moved because we were unhappy with the Spanish School system.
My professionally background is mainly in fashion with a career spanning twelve years and the gamut of areas from store management to publication, international franchise management to organizing fashion council events. I have worked on global fashion brands Natori, Replay, Armani and Mango. I also have a Masters in Marketing.
I’ve always been a hard working ant. Mothering Earthlings is my first venture into entrepreneurship.

Chris: How did you start your business? Was it easy?
Rone: My first idea was to make the coolest, funkiest graphic tees on the planet. Other than H&M, it was hard to find cool stuff for my kid that wasn’t horribly expensive. But I was in Spain at that time and producing there was just too expensive. When I moved back two years ago I discovered this phenomenon called mompreneur that was huge in the Philippines. That was when my sister and I decided to launch an online shopping haven for kids wear and gear of products of Philippine design and brands. The products aren’t all made in the Philippines but the people designing and running the show are all Filipinos. We want to showcase what we’ve got to the world and what we’ve got is pretty damn good.
It took 3 years to translate the idea into a reality, so it wasn’t that easy. Now that the shop is up, there are so many things to do. So it can get crazy but it’s a lot of fun. I also work at my own time so I cannot complain.

Chris: How do you manage to balance your time?
Rone: I try to get work done when the kids are in school so I can watch my son’s football practice or swimming class or just hang with my boys. I like working on the blog at night when everyone is asleep and its so quiet I feel like I’m meditating.

Chris: Have you ever encountered any problems with your business, how did you overcome?
Rone: The shop launched less than 3 months ago so I am sure we well encountering a lot! Hahaha. In the first month we had a major technical problem that I realized was causing problems at the check out. With the help of the online shop’s host, Shopify, we were able to iron it out. I am clueless when it comes to web design and the like so I needed a good support like Shopfiy to make things happen.

Chris: Do you have any message for those moms who want to start their own business?
Rone: Just go for it. I was always scared to get into my own thing. But getting into it with sister who is there to help me out anytime and whom I trust completely is a big help. It removed all the doubt I had about my ideas and myself.
It doesn’t have to be anything big from the get go. Start with something manageable and grow from there. At least that is what I am doing.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help- from other moms, from your husband, from a professional. Sometimes working alone leaves you stuck. Outside help is a great way to throw around ideas or see a different perspective on things.
Chris: Thank you Rone for sharing your story with us! May you continue to be an inspiration to other Filipina mommies out there!

You can check out Rone’s blog for more of her motherhood tales!


  1. Thank you for thinking of me for for your blog Christine. Super flattered!

  2. Mom-Friday says

    Star mommy Rone! woohoo 🙂 Her story is really very colorful and interesting, and she got to live one of my dream jobs which is to be working for a global fashion brand.

  3. Spanish Pinay says

    This is a very inspiring story. To Rone, I'm sorry that the school system here in Spain didn't work out good for you and your children but things happen for a reason and it seems that you are way better off there in the Philippines now 🙂

    Hey Chris, you've got an award waiting at my site 🙂

    Come and grab it!

  4. Hi Spanish Pinay! We didn't get into any of the schools we wanted and the one we got into was HORRIBLE. I also wanted my kids to grow up with a big family around them, pinoy style.


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