My DSLR Journey

When I first heard of dslr cameras 2 or 3 years ago, I didn’t ever think I would own one but hubby did give me one 2 years ago as his anniversary gift. I have fun taking photos of everything but most especially of my kids. It became a part of my get-up especially if I know that we are going some place or we have an event for the day. It has been the witness to many family bonding moments and the growth of my 2 kids. I am so thankful for this camera of mine because I am able to document and look back at the past years.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still NO expert but and I don’t think I will ever be when it comes to taking shots, I am satisfied with the photos and the lives that this camera has captured!


  1. Spanish Pinay says

    Before we had our little spanish pinay, we decided to buy a DSLR too… mainly because we do want to capture good photos of this new little person in our life. And we didn't regret this decision 🙂 I'm no expert with taking profesional shots either and probably will never be but when it comes capturing our little one's kodak moments, I'm way up there 😀

  2. same here! got an "antique" dslr also but like you, i think i will never become an expert photographer. indeed, our dslr is a witness to all our family moments. visiting here!

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